Why data driven marketing?

It works.

Reach your audience and drive marketing results

When you use SD Media as your agency or Ecit Marketing Platform as your service, you can relax – We only use and provide cutting edge marketing technology. Our mission is simplifying the best media-technology and make it available for everyone.

Key benefits

Stop paying for advertising that don’t work. Using enough and the right data remove the guesswork from media planning and -buying. Show you ads to people more likely to engage with your content, and make personalized communication based on big data.

More efficient media buying 91%
Targeting the right consumers 86%
Communicate relevant messages 82%
Better than not using big data 100%

What is Data driven marketing?

When a marketer gain insights and trends by in-depth analysis and use the insights/numbers for marketing purposes, we call it DDM. Use of big data in marketing has become more and more common and increasingly more effective in recent years. To succeed with marketing based on big data you need to collect, understand, organize, analyze and apply data about engagement and interactions to predict future behavior or needs. If you succeed, you can personalize the customer experience, and increase the possibility of getting new business or keep you existing clients longer.