Programmatic advertising

Targeted digital

Programmatisk annonsering - Remarketing


Based on surveys done by Posten and Bring in Norway, we’ve learned that only 2,81 % on all users leave their information or complete purchases online. BI Intelligence state that as much as 63 % of the remaining users still can convert after they leave your site. What do you do to help them come back to you?


We use big data based on demography and behavior to find users that are in-market. We combine several data-sources to help you advertise to users that we know are interested in your products or services. We help you reach your in-market audience and all audiences are updated automatically.

Programmatisk annonsering - Merkevarebygging


How known are your brand? As in-market focus on conversions/sales in a short amount of time, branding is quite the opposite. To build a brand you need a strategy, and your advertising should focus more on reach than targeting. All companies should have a brand-strategy, and we can help you build one.


Big data, targeting, data-sources, etc are often main focus and a big advantage when you talk about programmatic advertising. After GDPR came along, many data-sources restricted their use and supply of behavior-data. The new challenges due to GDPR helped contextual ads rise, and if you use contextual advertising correctly, you can show ads only to people reading articles about your segment without any use of data.

Programmatisk annonsering - Kontekstuell annonsering

Employer Branding.

Are you sick and tired that only bad employees or unemployed candidates show up when you advertise a new position at your firm? With an employer-branding strategy, you can show ads only to good candidates working at your competitors today. Tell them a story about why they should work at your company, and maybe you can employ candidates that usually don’t leave their applications for open positions.

Account based

Building on same technology as Employer Branding, ABA can help you show ads to only specific companies. Do you have an online strategy towards your key-clients? If not, you really should! With Account Based Advertising you can show ads to existing clients to upsell og keep them, or you can help your salesforce by showing ads only to clients they work with. SD Media is Norways only InZynk-certified Account Based Advertising-agency!

Account Based Marketing
Programmatisk annonsering - Native

Native advertising.

Make ads look like articles and provide usefull information to users, and you will have an unique possibility to communicate to your target-group. Wright articles yourself or have a site like publish them for you. If you use contextuall advertising-technology to show your native ads, you have a great combination.