September 5th-6th 2019


Do you have clients who are struggling with vouchers for advertising on Google and Facebook? Maybe they are struggling to get traffic to their website? Don’t they get new customers when they spend money on advertising? Through Ecit Marketing Platform in Ecit Applications, Ecit customers can easily manage their digital presence and get help from a digital advisor if needed.

ECIT Marketing Platform

SD Media AS,
An Ecit Group Company

As an Ecit Group Company, SD Media will be attending the strategy meeting at Rungstedgaard, September 5th-6th 2019. SD Media is Ecit’s media-company, founded to help Ecit clients and -companies get better results using digital marketing.

Wondering why you got an ad for this event?

Well, it’s a simple explanation. Using cutting-edge advertising-tecnology and -strategy we are targeting emplyees, working only at Ecit-offices with representation at Rungstedgaard.

Would you like to get information on how you or your accounting-/IT-clients can do the same, or are you experiencing challenges related to digital advertising? Contact SD Media below, to see if we can help you or your clients succeed.


We are using a conference app this time to enhance the communication and therefore the experience for all. By using this app we are able to announce changes in the agenda (rooms and times etc.) and push the information to all of you easy. Please install the app and login to our conference with the information provided below.